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Catalog Model Name Model series From Upto
USINF I30 199503 199906
USINF I30/I35 199907 200407
USINF Q60/G COUPE 200706 201605
USINF Q60/G COUPE 201605
USINF M30 198908 199112
USINF Q45 200101 200607
USINF Q45 199607 200101
USINF Q45 198908 199606
USINF QX30 201603
USINF QX50/EX 200710 201709
USINF QX50 201711
USINF QX56 200401 201005
USINF J30 199201 199709
USINF QX4 199609 200210
USINF QX60/JX 201202
USINF Q70(201802-)LAM 201802
USINF G20 199007 199805
USINF G20 199806 200112
USINF FX45/35 200211 200803
USINF QX70/FX 200803
USINF G35 200201 200706
USINF Q40/G SEDAN 200608 201502
USINF Q50 201305
USINF M45 200207 200412
USINF M35/45 200412 201001
USINF Q70/M 201001
USINF QX80/QX56 201004
Model Information
Catalog:USINF Model series:S50 Model Name:FX45/35
From:200211 Upto:200803

Vehicles List:
Mod.Var.No. From Date Upto Date BODY ENGINE DRIVE TRANS
200211 W VQ35DE
3.5 liter, GASOLINE
200211 W VQ35DE
3.5 liter, GASOLINE
200211 W VK45DE
4.5 liter, GASOLINE

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